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5/10/2024 3:48:13 AM

I quit a long time ago, and now I'm back but the issue is STILL THERE.

Back when I first tried to play, I would constantly have an anteater, weasel, or centipede error code and I would not know why. I have tried everything in every forum I could find to fix the issue. Destiny 2 is the only game I ever have this issue with. I quit because of this because I couldn't handle constantly disconnecting out of nowhere every 20-30 minutes. Now I'm back, hoping the issue was fixed, and it's STILL THERE. I still get disconnected every 20-30 minutes, I still can't do content, I still can't do ANYTHING. I am so tired of this. Please for the love of God SOMEBODY help me get this issue resolved. I just want to play. And it's most certainly not my internet, because my internet is 5x better than the internet I had even back THEN. I just don't know what to do.

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