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4/21/2024 12:10:44 AM


ACRYLIC DREAMS IS RECRUITING (NA/PC) Hey there guys and gals! I am an admin of the clan “Acrylic Dreams”, and I want to tell you a little about us! We’re a friendly & social community who love the Destiny series. We Raid together, do legit trials/trials cheese together, Iron banner, faction rallies, you name it, we host it! We have a large and well organized discord full of all our members, as joining it is required! That discord has a progression system where you can earn higher ranks by playing the game with your clan and being social in discord! We do purges of inactive/non-registered members when necessary, so we always have open slots. That being said, we’d love to have a constantly active community where removals are unnecessary, so we’re looking for new dedicated members! Requirements: - You must speak English. - You must have discord. - You must be on PC. That’s it! If you want to check us out, learn more, or just outright think we’d be a good fit for you, join our discord and clan via the links below. AD Discord: AD Clan Page: (If you join, upvote this post so more players can see it! Thanks guys and gals!)

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