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4/10/2024 7:15:16 PM

Bungie Please give ALL classes grapple when Prismatic launches

Ever since the reveal of Strand grapple I have dreamt of combining it with blink During the legend campaign of Lightfall I was able to do so by equiping blink before enabling Strand via the nodes in the campaign and it was the MOST fun I've ever had with mobility tech I was horrified when I unlocked Strand for real at the end of the campaign and learned that blink wasn't not a jump option Fast forward to the Final Shape dev stream & the reveal of Prismatic, my hopes for blink grapple were high as you described combining different aspects of dark and light Yet once again with the release of the developer insight blog post my dreams were shattered as the ability showed that only Hunters would have acces to the grapple grenade Yes I could switch to playing Hunter in order to blink grapple however I'm not a fan of the other Hunter tech So I urge you please, PLEASE enable the grapple grenade on all classes when Prismatic launches Sincerely - a very sad warlock

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