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4/3/2024 8:10:04 AM

Question about damage vs resilience vs hp increase

I’ve noticed a weird thing in pvp lately. After the update to hp values, I’ve had several opponents literally shrug off a direct impact ([i]read: full contact torso hit[/i]) from a Heavy GLs as if it were nothing. The GLs in question are: - Wendigo (adept) Smart drift / proximity / auto loading / explosive light - Regnant (crafted) Quick launch / proximity / rangefinder / disruption break I understand HP values have increased and that 7 resilience is often considered the “sweet spot” (that even hunters tend to run nowadays). Before the changes I ran hunter with 10/4/10/9/7/1 Now I run hunter with 10/7/7/7/8/1. (All armor and weapons are 1810) However I still get 1 hit at full health with one heavy GL shot. Plus, one of the players who shrugged off my GL shot was a hunter as well. (No overshield, no woven mail, etc) It’s happened in both Trials and IB. So my thoughts are: • Is running 10 resilience on all classes now mandatory for that type of survivability? • Are proximity grenades less preferable after the change due to their lower blast radius? • Is what I’m seeing a combination of all factors (hp increase + higher equipped resilience = lower use for proximity grenades? • Is this an unintended side effect on Bungie’s part? • Is this a fluke / connection issue / etc? Just trying to math out in my head what the best approach to pvp build / weapon useage is nowadays. I’ll probably grab some clanmates and run a few tests in a private match. But I’d appreciate some insight, or if anybody else came across a similar situation recently👍🏻

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