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1/13/2024 3:26:54 PM

PSN | EST-PST | Discord | 23+ | Fun-focused/Endgame-adept

[b]Looking for a reliable group? Become part of one that is well-involved, reciprocal, and communicative. I'm looking for Guardians who will join us for the most challenging and the most fun activities Destiny offers in both PvP and PvE.[/b] Ace Enigma (AcEn) is a clan-turned-community that has been around since the beginning of Destiny. We've helped hundreds of players learn mechanics, and we've formed many friendships along the way. We've even inspired the creation of new clans as well! We're structured, non-toxic, social, diverse, consistent, easy-going, supportive, and passionate about our humble community and about Destiny. We're recruiting social gamers who mostly play D2. We want players who are hoping to learn about us, integrate, and who will consistently chat with us through Discord and PSN. Getting involved in clan activities several times per week is expected. [b]We're in Eastern-Pacific time zones, and we're looking for those who play during our peak times (~6-11pm in Eastern Time)[/b]. Join us for Raids, Crucible, Iron Banner, Nightfalls, Trials, Dungeons, teaching sessions, and so much more. Let's have some fun and get impressive stuff done. Become a part of something you can be proud of. Join AcEn! [b]Requirements:[/b] *Ages 23+ *Have a mic/headset *Use Discord often (mobile preferred) *Play Destiny consistently *Power level 1770+/Guardian rank 7+ [b]*Compatibility/Walkthrough processes[/b] [b]Interested in joining? Here's what you should do:[/b] *Comment here and introduce yourself. *Add us on Discord (Lofty#1594/HoLLoW#9068) *Upvote this post to give us a hand with recruiting. *Read our official description (linked below ⬇️)

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