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Bearbeitet von SpectralKinesis: 12/20/2023 10:36:46 PM

Error Code BAT - Failed connections back-to-back during COMP matchmaking.

Pretty disappointed with y'all, Bungie. I've been seeing the "Contacting Destiny 2 servers" a lot more lately. They were practically gone for a good bit. Now they're a regular occurrence. [b]First matchmaking failure:[/b] [url=]First video here.[/url] Server decided to start loading us into the match when the ticker was at 5/6 Guardians. Got dumped right back to orbit. "Well, hopefully that doesn't happen again too soon" I thought. "Don't get your hopes up" said the networking. [b]Second matchmaking failure:[/b] [url=]Second video here.[/url] Server was loading us into the match with 6/6 Guardians. Game froze at an overview of the map. I was booted to orbit and given a 30 minute timeout. Due to these connectivity issues, I lost 228 pts, was demoted, and received a 30 minute timeout because of these "bat" errors. From 1360 down to 1132 in comp. I have been playing Comp a good bit this afternoon since reset, at least 7 matches in a row, and now this. Come on Bungie, do better.

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