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10/23/2023 11:09:22 PM

[PC] [Xbox] [PS] If you consider yourself a hardcore yet chill player, House of Niobe is perfect for you!

[u]Preface:[/u] Yo Guardian! My name is Springer and I am an admin of the [b]House of Niobe[/b]! We are a clan focused on [b]endgame PvE content[/b] such as Grandmasters, Raids, Dungeons, day ones, and more! We have a [i]very[/i] [b]welcoming[/b] environment where we can all [i]get stuff done while having fun[/i]. We also just love to [b]chill and chat[/b] on the regular about all things Destiny related or not. If this sounds right for you, then the House of Niobe calls! [u]About us:[/u] - [i]All[/i] platforms - Discord used for communication/events - Mostly NA [u]Requirements:[/u] - 18+ - Stay active in Discord and in Destiny - Complete 3 activities a month with clanmates (Some activities count as more than 1) - Some sort of proof of endgame capability (Recent raid clears, raid tags, dungeon solo flawless etc.). [b] Anything completed between 9/14/23 - 9/21/23 will not be valid towards this due to the weapon crafting glitch. [/b] [u]Accomplishments:[/u] - #1,621 RoN - #1,933, 3,415 Crota Normal - #2,914, 3,636, 4,309 Crota Challenge [b]To apply or ask any questions, please message [u]saintscout[/u] or [u]Saint Scout#3125[/u] on [u]Discord[/u]! If you can’t message because of privacy issues, those are your settings.[/b] Acceptance is on a [i]case by case[/i] basis. We will ask to see your raid report just so we can get an idea of the player that you are! Before you are fully accepted you will be a temp member. This is just so the admins can see how you interact with the clan. You can be accepted into the clan in game during this time, however it is not required and can also give you a chance to check out the place before deciding to join. Jump in and check out the variety of activities we have scheduled. See you Starside Guardian.

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