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Bearbeitet von Zanalia: 9/24/2023 11:19:36 AM

DDOS Attacks due to Funny Guns Being gone

Dear Bungie Devs and Upper Management Im Just a normal player that didn't even make a funny wep because i thought it was dumb and i knew it would eventually lead to very angry players, But at this point even im even getting Annoyed with the consistent weasel & Bee errors because someone thinks its ok to DDOS attack Bungie Servers. It has taken me over a week of constant disconnecting to get to this point. I However 100% believe your trying to figure out who is doing this But here is a suggestion BAN VPNS entell the Person Or People are Found that are doing these attacks. if any account is Found Using one cant connect to your servers Period while connected to a VPN I know this is an unfair suggestion. I believe doing this will help bring these attacks are causing more dmg to your game i love very much to a stop and give you guys the edge to Catch the person or persons who is doing this. PS: Thank you for all your hard work devs it means alot me and i hope we can have the game i love stable soon. Best Regards Zanalia
#Help #Errorcodes

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