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Game Unplayable due to Error Codes

Bungie, Destiny servers can not physically be this messed up for this long without a fix. I haven’t even been able to play the game today. Here have been no updates, no plan of action, no care for what is going on. At the very least, it’s not shown that you are doing anything to combat them. It is absolutely embarrassing and flat out ridiculous that a game with this bug of a player base and price tag have to deal with this. Bungie fix your servers because at this point I’m about to uninstall along with almost everyone I know that plays destiny. You are actively losing your player base. There is a way that Bungie could fix it. Simply though the company does not care. I enjoy The Destiny franchise a lot, but if you cannot communicate clear plan of action, active updates, and reassurance of Quality in Destiny, then you will lose players. Many people can agree that at this point it is ridiculous. There is no way you can tell me that the servers could have been fixed by now with some sense of urgency and care for the quality of the product you provide. If that service can’t be upholded at the very least communicate with us. ~ SINCERELY YOUR PLAYERS P.S. Mod/Admin/BungieSupportTeam Do not respond to this message referring me to twitter page unless there is an update or some sort of communication on the situation. Instead of this, “We are aware and working on it.” You have been working on it for week now we deserve something more. Show us that you are trying that you care for your players.
#Help #Errorcodes

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