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Compromised Authentication

[quote][i](Note: This post is actually on behalf of a friend of mine, mostly because he's at work and unable to post on here at the moment, but I figured I'd give it a shot.)[/i] [b]EDIT (10:54AM):[/b] I've also been told that he's already made a forum post about this and has gotten some answers. Looking further into the post he made, I did forget to mention the activities the hacker did on his account was a solo Private Match and Trials (according to's recent activity feed). This has been pointed out as a possible Account Recovery, however, I can semi-vouch on my friend's behalf that he absolutely does NOT have the funds to even try to pay for something like that right now, he finds the idea of any kind of paid Destiny activities like that to be dumb, and he wasn't home when his Steam was taken over. While my words may mean nothing, I thought it'd be at least something to put out there.[/quote] For context, a couple nights ago, a friend of mine had his Steam account hacked by someone in Russia, and locked down for a little bit; He just got it recovered last night, however, when logging back in and making sure his account was secured, he noticed that the person had not only played on his account, but also linked an unknown Epic Games account to his profile. From what I could find in Bungie's policies and other help posts in the forums, it sounds like he'd be able to disable Cross Save since his characters' save data is linked to the Steam ID rather than the profile itself, and just move it under a new profile. However, that raises a few questions and some need to double check before he comes back and does anything drastic with it. Since Cross Save has a 90 day lock out after disabling for an account, does that mean he won't be able to relink his Steam ID to a new profile for 90 days? If he moves the Steam ID to a new profile, is it safe and confirmed that he'll still have access to all of his progress, DLCs, and characters? Why is Bungie unable to unlink authentication methods for their accounts unlike other game platforms? That's all! Thank you for taking the time to read through this slightly scuffed post.

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