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8/27/2023 5:22:50 PM

The recent stasis nerf seems bizarre and completely out of left field

first, I want to start if with saying I love stasis it is thematically my favorite subclass. But with the change to whisper of rime bungie has made an already the objectively worst subclass into probably the worst. one of the main attractions of stasis was its over shield and health recovery via shards but with the nerf to shard values you need to collect so many more to get the original effect essentially gutting the subclass of any good viability with its only real point being freeze. But even that is weak and in its current state is just a weird hybrid support damage subclass that could buff damage for a couple shots but that's about it. I think the changes to whisper of rime should be reverted in PVE or the aspect should be changed to increase the number of shards generated in PVE.

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