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9/5/2023 8:42:23 PM

Veteran's Flair Transmat Effect Missing from Transmat List after Season 22 Update

After the Season 22 update the Veteran's Flair Transmat Effect has gone missing from my list of equipable transmats. I can still see and use the ones that were equipped to my ships prior to the update, however I am no longer able to equip it to new ships. My guess would be that since the Veteran's Flair Transmat has been infinite for quite some time and was in the equipable transmat list before the Season 22 update; when the transmat list change went live it broke whatever was keeping the Veteran's Flair transmat in the list. I can understand that something small like this can slip through the cracks on an update. I just hope that this gets fixed soonish. I've been using the Veteran's Flair transmat since D2 release and I'd hate to not be able to use it on new ships right at the very end.

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