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9/1/2023 12:28:34 PM

*URGENT* Attention any devs, this bug could create unfair advantages for day 1 raid return of Crota's End

Greetings to all who have taken the time to read this, I will keep this short and sweet. Hello, you may call me Zehuti, I've been playing Destiny from the beginning and seen my fair share of game breaking glitches, many of which are amusing or fun and this one is no exception. But unfortunately it poses a major problem for potential raiders on day 1 of Crota's End returning; as in, creating unfair power advantages for some players over others. Please do not overlook this problem. (Also the linked video is not my own content, is that ok? There are several videos all over youtube discussing this. If you require some screenshots my own from my game I can do so, just ask). [b] So what is the bug?[/b] The seasonal artifact mod from season 21, season of the deep, is bugged out in the artifact menu. Currently it is possible (for those who played that season) to re-aquire it AND equip it. This gives a sudden power boost which greatly increases damage (for that player) from what I've seen artifact mods from (the current season only) are still active even if last season's artifact is the one slotted. I know, I know, I'm ruining the fun for some of you but the idea of a situation in which some players have an advantage over others for day 1 is not a scenario I can justify. There will be players who have no idea this is even going on (until after the raid unless its fixed in time). [b]To my fellow guardians who might be salty with me, think about it like this[/b]: If a game cannot be balanced and give an equal opportunity in some of it's BEST content, then what is the point in trying? Right? If major events/activities get bugged out, activities that might represent key moments in the game's history, then the motivation to do them can fade heavily. [b]Example[/b]: Potential players might have a situation where they go from "Hey, let's have a great time playing this raid again, its been years" to a situation more akin to "Oh, I heard there's a bugged exploit going on in that activity , all the sweaty players will probably use it to their advantage so why even bother trying to compete?" As member of this community, I don't want that sort of situation to have even the slightest possibility of taking place for anyone; I would like to see many players flourish, both old and new. As fun as some glitches can be this should probably be taken care of ASAP as I'm pretty sure this was an unintentional reaction with the artifact in game. On another note, while previewing the artifact from last season (while its equipped) the ghost shell will show instead of the artifact (I'm not sure if everyone is experiencing this but I imagine some might be). While I do not feel anyone should necessarily be punished for using this (previously) it should definitely be taken care of for the day 1 raid, even if it means delaying the start of the raid to keep even playing ground for all players, old and new. Thank you for your time, I hope this is helpful and I hope some guardians aren't too salty with me for posting about it. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy seeing the game break in weird ways, we all do at times. But when there's a game breaking bug that can potentially create an unfair advantage over fellow players, action should be taken immediately to try and keep things fair and balanced for everyone. Anyway that's all from me, I will return to altars of summoning in the meantime as I likely won't have a dedicated raid team set up for today but even so, I hope everyone else has a great time and (hopefully) a fair playing field. Take care, everyone.

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