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9/1/2023 4:48:18 AM

Make Rally Barricades a Little Bit Taller in the middle

Ever since Destiny 2 came out Rally Barricades have been the inferior option for the Crucible for one big reason, the barricade is too bloody short. Bullet Magnetism allows for bullets to randomly go over the barricade and track onto your head at random, this is mostly seen with high aim assist and high impact hand cannons and scout rifles and snipers. Even when at the lowest point your guardian can be (crouching and not moving) you STILL get shot over the rally barricade even when the guardian you are fighting is on even ground and not jumping, its ridiculous. Buff the Rally Barricade in a meaningful way, make it slightly taller, not too tall where you cant aim over it but even it out with the edges of the barricade to make it tall enough so you dont get your frontal lobe removed every time you want to use it. Thank You, A Titan Main.

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