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Bearbeitet von Drakrylos: 4/19/2023 8:13:51 PM

Vex Mythoclast not buffed with 18/04/2023 AR buff

[i]As a disclaimer, I'm fully aware that Vex Mythoclast is classified as a Fusion Rifle and therefore takes from Fusion Rifle mods. However, its functionality is the reason for this post.[/i] With the latest patch as of 18/04/2023, all primary weapon types received a [u]20% damage buff[/u] (Scouts got 10%) in PvE to catch up with SMGs, [u]since SMGs have been the dominant primaries for a very long time[/u]. This, naturally, included Exotic primaries of the same types. However, [b]due to its classification as a Fusion Rifle, Vex Mythoclast was [u]not buffed[/u][/b]. The problem with this is that Mythoclast functions identically to a High-Impact 360 rpm Auto Rifle in its primary firing mode [i](albeit with a slightly higher RoF at 390)[/i]. [b]I firmly believe this to be an [u]oversight[/u].[/b] Its Linear Fusion mode should not be buffed, it's fine where it is. But, [b]it's primary fire SHOULD be buffed by the same 20% due to it, in essence, being an Auto Rifle.[/b] By Mythoclast not receiving the same buff, it's automatically been power-crept by actual Exotic Auto Rifles, despite functioning the same way as them with its primary fire. [b]EDIT:[/b] Not to mention, despite its Fusion Rifle classification, its Linear mode WAS hit by the 15% LFR damage nerf, and previous general LFR changes such as the aim-assist nerf. [b]This is a crucial example of functionality taking precedence over classification.[/b]

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