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8/23/2023 2:14:48 AM

[6NG] Sixth Nation Gaming

The Sixth Nation has a few spots available in our second clan and invite guardians of all levels to join us as we begin the next season. About us We have been here since Destiny one. Not all of our players have that level of experience, but we can offer a place for one to grow and learn. We do play everything in the game, with our greater numbers leaning to pve. Some, myself included do enjoy pvp as well. We do prefer players discord friendly. We have two clans inside the game and that is the platform we use to keep those who wish to be connected, well, connected. It is not required. But you'll enjoy this more if you do. In fact there are no requirements but one. Don't be an -blam!-. No one's bigger than the game. No level of toxic bs will be tolerated. All we ask if you wear our tag is to play the game as it was intended to be played, and treat all you encounter with the respect you would want to be shown. No stupid interviews. No raid report needed or a blood oath you will appear on command. Just be cool. It's just a game after all. If you're new to the game we can help. If you have experience we can use that too. We are open to all ages and play styles and that is reflected in our player base. Come add to a clan that has stood for fourteen years and counting. We are everyone We are everywhere We are you. You are "us".

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