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Bearbeitet von neon: 8/18/2023 10:13:16 AM

No benefit from Surges or Radiant in certain circumstances

While Radiant, your weapons will have the intended 25% increased damage to all enemies as normal, but when damaging any of the fuses in Crypt Security (Deep Stone Crypt), they do not benefit. I believe this is a bug because other sources of weapon buffs like Weapons of Light and Blessing of the Sky DO in fact work and provide the intended damage bonus to your weapons while damaging the fuses. Surges behave the same way Radiant does and does not apply a bonus. I do not think this is a bug with the encounter itself. In past Seasons, Radiant and Surges did work on the fuses, but something must have changed with how exactly those buffs were applied. Other buffs like Vorpal never worked in the past, and I wouldn't imagine they were ever intended to. Weapons of Light has always worked. Buffs like Lumina have always worked and continue to work as of the date of this post. I believe this is simply a problem with Radiant and Surges, although I'm not exactly sure what that problem is. It is worth noting that the game has registered I am Radiant and that I have Surges, and those buffs are correctly applied to any damage I deal to an enemy. The problem arises when you try to damage the fuses in Crypt Security. I'm almost positive this issue could be present elsewhere, such as when damaging certain vehicles.

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