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8/17/2023 2:26:06 PM

Bought Lightfall - Annual pass on playstation, but Lightfall addon is missing

Hi, I already contacted Bungie Support, but haven't received any response. So I am trying my luck here. I bought the Lightfall + Annual pass in the PlayStation store. I received the items, but I cannot access the Lightfall campaign, as it shows me that I still need to buy it. I tried redownloading the game and add-ons, but it didn't work. I checked the downloaded game data and it clearly shows that the Lightfall + annual pass content has been downloaded to the console. If I try to "buy" the pack from the in-game menu, it just opens up the add-ons, that are already downloaded. I never had this issue with any other DLC before. I already contacted Playstation support and they checked the transaction, they made clear that the transaction from the store is fine without any issues. Restoring licenses did not help. I checked my add-ons on the Bungie website and it says that I do own the season pass on playstation, but not the Lightfall DLC. Since many others already had this issue since release of the addon, I hope that someone out there knows the solution to that. Thank you! Regards

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