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Bearbeitet von neuroKip: 8/14/2023 7:35:41 PM

Raid Armor Mods

Hello, My understanding of the Raid Armor Mods system is that if you really like to run a specific Raid (E.G. speedrunning) this Armor Mods will give you an extra edge during your run. But are the advantages of slotting this Mods actually worth sacrificing your build? Currently players are required to equip a full set of Raid Armor to be able to slot this Mods. While acquiring a full set of Raid Armor (and Mods) is not an issue for players that engage with Raid content on the regular, [b]it is extremely unlikely that a Raid Armor set will be the best set of Armor the player owns stats wise.[/b] On top of that, players must also sacrifice the Armor Mods they have chosen, since the Raid Mods require energy to be slotted, and theoretically they must have a full set of Armor for each Raid in their Vault if they wanted to fully engage with this system. While I find some of the Raid Mods quite useful, t[b]he game has never given me an incentive to have a full set of Raid Armor at the ready so that I could slot five Raid Mods[/b]. Right now the way I engage with this system is to keep the Class Item from each Raid Armor set and equip it at the beginning of every Raid, so that I can at least slot one Raid Mod without fully sacrificing my build. Personally believe this system could add to content longevity if reworked in a way that gives players a meaningful advantage compared to their own build. Hope this gives a valuable view of the system from a player perspective. -neuroKip

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