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8/11/2023 6:27:01 AM

[Bug] Eyes of Tomorrow Doesn't work with solar scavenger mods when using Tyrant's Vision Ornament

PLATFORM: Steam SYSTEM INFO: CPU: Ryzen 7 2700X GPU: GTX1080 RAM: 32GB GPU Driver Version: 536.99 OS Version: Windows 11 ISP Provider/Speed (upload/download) / Connection Type (LAN or wireless): Wired DxDiag: ISSUE: (Solar) Scavenger Mods does not increase ammo gain from heavy drops when using eyes of tomorrow REPRO STEPS: 1. Equip Solar Scavenger Mods + Eyes of Tomorrow Exotic heavy Rocket Launcher 2. Slot on 2 solar reserves mods also so that max ammo is 10 3. Observe the amount of ammo acquired when picking up a regular heavy ammo brick 4. Repeat Step 3 with the Tyrant's Vision Ornament applied ACTUAL RESULT: 1. With no ornament, you will get (pretty) consistent +3. In theory you should be able to get +4 also (as expected with legendary rockets) 2. With the ornament on, you will consistently get +2. Maybe +3. EXPECTED RESULT: Consistent +3 regardless of what ornament is equipped. Occasional +4 heavy ammo gains, just like with legendary rockets. LINKS: Youtube Link for Full Testing: NOTES: Could be related to that one cosmetic item that gives you extra stats. (Can't remember the name)

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