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7/20/2023 9:37:14 PM

Guardian lack of character/guardian and ghost friendship

Hello all and hopefully Bungie team. I have been playing since early d1 and have around 1600 hours in the game. One of my biggest disappointments in the game is how our guardian has such a lack of character and personality. With there being so many characters now a days with so much dialogue, I just find it sad that our guardian has such little. I would love to get to know my guardian/be in tune with it, but the guardian just feels like an empty husk of a character that I can't even use to portray myself. I was just curious as to why our guardians have such little personality and character. And my next point kinda flows off of that, but why doesn't our ghost and guardian interact more? I feel like banter between the ghost and our guardian say while we are running crucible could be very refreshing and immersive. Imagine that as stuff is happening, our ghost talks to us and gives us a sort of call out. For example look at Valorant, the agents will yell out when/where an enemy is seen, or if the bomb is planted/being planted etc. . Obviously I'm not a game dev, but the lack of personality between our guardian and ourselves/ or our ghosts is disappointing, especially when I know that there could be something really special there.

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