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6/30/2023 7:52:13 PM

duskfield gernades with renewals needs a change

its almost always better to run them without it for a grenade build, the 40% is a bit much, but I understand the issue is for pvp, a great fix for it i think would be shatter kill when in a duskfield give grenades energy(or when you have duskfield grenades on) , and also will be just as good as strand armor, cause the uptime will be just as good as they are, and it wont ruin pvp, because on a hunter its pretty hard to freeze a target. I think this is a much needed change for the exotic.... the cost is way to damn high in pve, and the damage reduction is a worse version of the strand woven armor. can argue why its a good or bad idea in the comments, i don't think bungie actually looks at the forms for exotic advice tho. renewals where only really good / broken for 1 week before bungie over nerfed them for pvp.

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