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6/30/2023 12:13:51 PM

Strand warlock powered melee firing if unpowered melee key is pressed right after powered key

A bug (?) I noticed that has been impacting my PVP a little. Likely a minor annoyance to anyone that might have noticed it. As a Strand Warlock, if your powered and unpowered melee keybinds are different, firing a powered melee followed by hitting the unpowered melee key results in another powered melee instead. The unpowered melee button continues firing powered melees until you either run out, or you let the animation completely finish. The Strand Warlocks powered melee lends itself more to mid-range engagements, so is ideal for firing while charging at a target and following up with an unpowered melee punch. However, if you attempt an unpowered melee before the animation for the powered melee has finished, you'll continue firing needles and missing your target instead of punching their lights out. This likely happens with other builds that have multiple melee's, but is most prevalent on strand warlock due to having 3 charges and a fairly long animation. I imagine a lot of people wouldn't notice due to powered+unpowered melee using the same keybind by default, as well.

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