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6/15/2023 11:07:01 PM

Build loadouts are less useful knowing that they will mostly become corrupted by the end of the season.

I love the new artifact system and not having to actually slot in the mods you unlock. But what I feel is counter-intuitive is the “discounted mod” perks in the artifact. Of course I am going to slot on extra armor mods when they cost less, and sometimes I won’t realize it. And then when the season changes, all of the builds that take advantage of the discounted armor mods, become corrupted. I am the type of person who makes TONS of builds for different situations and even just for fashion. Having to do damage control at the start of a new season because of these discounted armor mods can be super time consuming. It actually discourages me from really utilizing this amazing new in-game build system. I think the discounted armor mods isn’t a necessary inclusion in the artifact. At the end of the day, it isn’t really shaking up the meta a whole lot season to season. If my builds were future proof, I’d be more likely to go into the loadout system and tinker around more. At the very least, maybe visually marking which mods are discounted in the armor menu could help me realize what is going to cost more when the season changes.

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