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6/12/2023 4:30:52 AM

Psi-Ops Battlegrounds in Vanguard Playlist provide no glimmer, shards, or loot

Psi-Ops battlegrounds were added to the Vanguard playlist at the beginning of season 20, and I have NEVER ONCE received any loot from the ending chest. No glimmer, shards, or loot, even though the chest is visually full of glimmer. I was finally able to grab a capture at the end of the activity, which I have linked here. As you can see in the linked video, after interacting with the chest I receive Vanguard rank points and crafted weapon experience, but no loot whatsoever. Through casual chats on social media, I have found other people who similarly do not receive loot from the Psi-Ops BGs, but I have yet to see it mentioned as a known issue in a TWID/TWAB or in the Y6 Known Issues post. It is incredibly disheartening to play through a battleground and receive nothing for my time, especially since the battlegrounds are longer and more challenging than an ordinary strike. I've started dreading Psi-Ops BGs when they show up in the playlist, and I've been tempted to leave the activity when it starts. Any official comment on this would be appreciated. Additional information: all other Vanguard activities provide loot. I began playing Destiny 2 during Season 18: Season of Plunder, so I did not purchase the season pass for Season 16: Season of the Risen (for which Psi-Ops BGs were the seasonal activity). I theorize that the loot from this activity may still be tied to season pass ownership for some accounts.

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