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Dexterity Mods Help

For the past year or so, I've been playing PVE probably 99% of the time. I was watching a [url=]video[/url] titled "70 Ways You Might Be Playing Destiny 2 Wrong", and it mentioned dexterity mods. It says if you're running a solar energy weapon that you would like to be able to pull out quickly, but your kinetic weapon has low handling, you would want to be using kinetic dexterity mods rather than solar dexterity mods. Which makes sense, because the description of a dexterity mod says "ready AND stow" speed. I've just always put a solar dexterity mod on and not even really thought about it. Which is correct? What if there is not much difference in handling between the kinetic and energy weapons? Where should I always be putting my dexterity mods every time? Thanks for the input. - - Edit: It's at about 12:37 in the video I linked.

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