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ursprünglich gepostet in: Quickest way to lvl up craft weapons?
Bearbeitet von jhermannITJ: 6/8/2023 5:47:57 PM
I can do Revelation on the Moon in about 3-5 mins per... that gives 70% per run... 25 runs, 2hrs per weapon... conservatively. Like Shiro... really boring. The best spot is "In the Deep" but it's not on the rotator this week. If you have Witchqueen, "Last Chance" is really good... you can use the chk pt at the end to maximize your efficiency, but I just play through the whole mission... 2-3 levels per 15 min... a little bit worse than the previous 3 methods, but not as boring. "In the Deep" is about 2 mins per level... it's a moon mission, there's a strat... look up a guide, it's pretty simple, you camp the stairs at the end... This is the best spot. I have 84 crafted legendary weapons in my vault 81/84 above 20... that doesn't include crafted exotics. For reference... and credibility 😉👍💠.

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