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Bearbeitet von Noir Angel: 6/5/2023 11:27:11 PM

Stasis needs a buff (mainly for PVE)

We've seen the light 3.0 subclasses take an inspiration from the stasis subclass layout. These upgrades were amazing and added tons of new mechanics to the subclasses like giving the different ammunition elements their own special synergy with their respective subclasses. Solar ammunition adds more stacks of scorch to already scorched targets and ignites them. Volatile rounds is volatile rounds. These were just a few things that were changed and its had a huge impact on our builds. It has given us a way to spread status effect across numerous enemies with just the ease of shooting. Stasis is still in the 3.0 prototype stage. It has aspects and fragments and its element has its own status effects, yet it lacks the passive synergy with its stasis ammunition. Sure headstone and chill clip exists but stasis ammunition itself has no PASSIVE activated buff. You slow a target, you shoot it with stasis ammo, it dies (unless you have headstone!). You throw a duskfield grenade and targets get frozen and shatter when they die and put slow on enemies around them but they are just slow, not frozen, no damage over time they just move slow, you shoot them with stasis ammo and they die, nothing special happens. Now your grenade is on cooldown (unless you're using some classic grenade spam build) and you have no way to freeze besides using both hunter melee blades or using warlock. That said, stasis is very very ability focused and needs more synergy with stasis ammo besides just rocking with chill clip and headstone and saying its alright. It would make sense to make it like its polar opposite solar, where you add stacks of slow to already slowed enemies until they are frozen and then shatter and add small amounts of slow to enemies around them. I say small amounts so the passive buff wont outshine agers scepter, which frankly is getting old and there are better options for exotic slots. If we could sit and be fine with headstone, chill clip, and agers scepter, then we shouldve been able to sit and be fine with dragonfly, sunshot, and graviton lance instead of getting volatile rounds or solar ignitions. Thank you for coming to my ted talk.

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