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5/11/2023 8:38:06 PM

The agility based class has some of the worst options for mobility.

Bungie, please stop with the blatant bias towards other classes. As a hunter main for around 7-8 years I feel as if our class is not the most liked. I mainly started thinking this when shatter dive was extremely broken on release.. It was pretty much the best thing for maybe 2 months before it was nerfed. Yes, shatter dive was a problem.. but so was double icarus yet we had to deal with that for sooooo long.. Why do hunters have some of the worst options for mobility?! Are we not an agile class?? I'm not even talking about JUST the stompee nerf, wb the fact that warlocks still have transversive steps which give a passive buff permanently while being able to use their subclass, they get icarus dash with a CRAZY LOW CD compared to us.. We need a literally STAT in order to lower our dash cooldown yet they get to do it every 3 seconds?? their dash is more convenient in combat too since they can transition into a skate.. Its truly unbelievable how bias it is.. and I don't think I need to even begin to talk about titan. Both classes have better mobility options than us yet thats our whole purpose, I feel like if you compare almost any subclass on hunter to dawnblade warlock its like we're useless. They unironically have everything we have but better... Please stop doing this to hunters its getting old, I hate going on warlock and doing 100x better purely because its better.. I want to main hunter and not feel completely left out. PS: I do not think stompees should be UNTOUCHED due to the other classes exotics getting nerfed pretty hard.. but the current nerf is way too much for stompees. I believe the nerf that wallah refers to is pretty fair.

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