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4/27/2023 8:24:14 PM

Should there be a engineer-themed class added to Destiny 2 (or Destiny 3, if that will be a thing)?

So, I know that some of you (not all) have thought about, pondered, and considered, the daunting, curious, impossible question that is [i][/i]"What if Bungie added a new class to Destiny 2?" Now I know, that is an entirely crazy thing to thing about, but bear with me for a second. We know that there will most likely be... what, 6 subclasses for each class, making 18 different subclasses. Isn't that enough? Yes. But that is the fun part about this. What if there was a class, that could combine light and technology into strong, potent weaponry (along with gadgets) as a class? Wouldn't that be fun? Also, any ideas, or opinions? I have my own idea, but let's hear yours first.

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