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4/18/2023 11:12:38 PM

Ok, Citans deserve a buff cuz…

…Bungie decided to give it some of [u]the best[/u] ornaments for any exotic! I mean seriously, why do they keep making stuff for exotics that get nerfed the week after they drop the ornament? But seriously, there is very little incentive for running Citans anymore with the cooldown and durability nerfs, and there is zero reason to use them in PvE, so here’s an idea;[u]what if shooting through a Citan barricade applied subclass specific effects to enemies? (i.e., volitile, scorch, jolt, slow, and unraveling rounds)[/u] The prior nerfs could still apply, but even with those I think it would an interesting yet unoppressive play in both sandboxes. [spoiler]And I can unironically start using those awesome ornaments in my fashion game again![/spoiler]

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