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Bearbeitet von neuroKip: 4/15/2023 9:41:36 PM

RNG distribution seems to be off since Lightfall release

I also noticed


Feels the same to me


Hello, I have started to notice that RNG has the tendency to give the same value multiple times in a row, I've situations where I drop the same item twice from one chest or boss, multiple times during a play session. This also extends to things like boss encounters (E.G. recall a recent KFs where the randomization of plates during the final encounter was the same for six+ consecutive runs), and just had nine consecutive draws with the RPS emote (that is a 0.00037% chance, 1 in 27,000). I am aware that it might be purely coincidental, and that different systems might use different RNG, but I have played for +1k hours on this same setup and same connection, and duplicate loot and RNG has never been this consistent before. This is subtle, but might be worth having a look at analytics to see if something stands out.
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