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4/11/2023 3:20:43 PM

give glacial harvest aspect +1 slot on warlock and titan. after nerfs they are just useless

stasis needs a little buff at minimum. warlock: stasis turret builds were consistent, now it's impossible to get a turret back before the turret expires, no matter how much mods you use. even the new upcoming mod next season is just the smallest chance for armor charge, not to mention how little the kickstart mods give back, and you need a lot of armor charge. since firepower, elemental shards and kickstart mods were butchered, the aspect became completely useless. running iceflare bolts instead is the current meta. other classes can have 5 fragment slots, while warlocks are all 2-2. titans: diamond lance apect is fine, BUT i personally don't enjoy it, it feels conflicting with my build playstyle. can we get 3 fragments slot for the titan glacial harvest aspect too? titan melee is the weakest of them all. all shard generating aspects honestly needs to have 3 fragment slots. afterall, all the stasis melee abilities are weak.

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