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3/31/2023 11:34:34 AM

Imagine if Bungie designed Entirely new classes instead of just adding subs!

Just imagine: Playing as a Warlord or Iron Lord instead of a "Guardian" Imagine the "new class" being a different species than what we've been restricted to for so long! Instead of an Exo, Awoken, or Human Imagine playing as a Cabal, Eliksni, Hive, or even Vex(if such a thing as a good Vex is possible.) Imagine more than three Character slots? Just imagine the mechanics you could design for Playing an Eliksni Guardian? I so very much would love that. I imagine one of their "class" powers being running on all their limbs as a movement skill. Or duel wielding Primaries as an offensive skill. Thanks to the extra arms they can hold two guns down their line of sight using each of their limbs to steady them. Just imagine the possibilities are endless. And that's just an Eliksni. We haven't touched racial powers of Cabal or Hive. Infact the original three species deserve racial powers or passives that add to the game in a unique and creative way. My Warlocks an Awoken so where is her Awoken magic that's natural in her blood? My Titans an Exo where is it's natural strength. Not sure what a human could have maybe a slight stat boost passive. Imagine. Maybe I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one. I hope some day you'll join us and the Galaxy will be as one.

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