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3/25/2023 6:17:52 PM

BUG REPORT: Choosing a loadout with old emp finish + special finisher on class item results in weasel

After the recent hotfix where having both empowered finisher and special finisher equipped is disabled has introduced a bug where if you attempt to equip an old saved loadout with this setup on your class item, it will immediately cause a weasel error and send you all the way back to the title screen. You can work around the issue by moving the class item to another character using DIM or the like, then equipping the loadout. The class item will not be found so it will work. Then, change your mods and overwrite the loadout with the new setup. Bungie: On a side note, your hotfix has a UX issue. If you equip empowered finisher but want to change it to special finisher, you cannot do that. You have to first equip a non finisher mod, then you can equip the mod you want. The UI should allow you to choose all the finisher mods when you are replacing the existing finisher mod. We should not have to jump through hoops to do this.

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