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3/27/2023 12:30:48 PM

Game crash during crucible (competitive) after a player melees

Hi there, Apologies I don't have any screen recordings of this issue however today myself (Gwaine#1177) and my fireteam member (Pix#8898) experienced very random game crashes (straight to desktop, no error code) after a player performed a melee action. The first time today was experienced by Pix#8898 when he meleed an opposing guardian (map was Altar of Flame, Mercury). His game crashed while I was able to complete the match (he couldn't re-join because my fireteam was set to closed). The second time was experienced by both of us on Radiant Cliffs, Mercury. Our teammate cast Bladefury and meleed an opposing guardian (who was in the Daybreak super). When he re-joined, he saw that only one guardian was left in the lobby (so theoretically the crash affected 5 of us). I'm afraid I don't have any more details other than a melee action is performed and at least one of us experienced a straight-to-desktop crash. This didn't affect every melee in the game either which definitely makes it harder to diagnose. Logging this here in case anyone else experienced something similar, it's a bit of an unfortunate experience because the crashes result in 'Match Incomplete' with a telling-off by Shaxx even though we had every intention of finishing the game(s). Cheers, Gwaine

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