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Bearbeitet von eternalquiet: 3/22/2023 11:13:20 PM

Game Crashed Re-Assigning Mods in Artifact, Now Requires Full Reinstall

Greetings, all! A few minutes ago I was queuing for an Iron Banner match when I remembered that I wanted to change my artifact mods. I reset the artifact, and then went to start assigning mods. Just as the queue finished, I hit the button to assign the first mod (in this case auto/smg overload) and the game crashed. It did pop up an error, and I believe the error said something about a problem reading game content. I clicked to confirm, and the game closed. I tried to stop the game in Steam, but it sat for an extended period of time and would not actually closed, which meant I needed to restart the computer entirely. After a restart, I was able to run Destiny 2, at which point the game ran a test to verify the integrity of the game files. This tests makes it to 100%, but then warns me that the game content is unreadable, and saying I need to fully reinstall Destiny 2. This is not so great a hardship for me, because I have pretty decent internet speeds, but it is still concerning that it appears simply assigning mods in the artifact may have caused the issue. EDIT: I saw online tips about verifying game files through Steam, so I tried that before reinstalling. This appears to have successfully resolved the issue.

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