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3/19/2023 11:51:14 PM

Lightfall Legendary 'too' difficult

too easy




just right




too hard


I'm bit of a veteran on this game and have played for ages starting with console and moving over to PC so I know my way around the game. Anyway I loved the Witch Queen Legendary as it was challenging and when I died it would mainly be down to my errors but that's not the case with Lightfall! I have found when I am trying to take out tormentor's and I mean when there's more than one it is nearly impossible (Solo) as you have to focus on one but they nearly one shot you with every attack except for one of there abilities! it's not just because these bosses are incredibly tanky and dangerous its also due to the fact the ads that spawn do a lot of splash damage especially when it comes down to the Vex and there's not a lot of other places to take cover. I still love Lightfall as its different and adds a new feel to the game but they have went overboard with the difficulty, I understand why they felt the need to make it harder but there is a fine line. Either they need to reduce the damage and health or decrease the ads spawns also find it annoying that our class abilities almost do 0 damage to some bosses as you usually have to hit them in a certain spot. Would love to hear what you all think but that's just my thoughts no hard feelings just agree or disagree

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