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Bearbeitet von Mildlydepressedalligator: 3/19/2023 5:31:58 PM

Audio not working

[b]Finding the problem:[/b] Just yesterday I finally installed the update for lightfall after a long break, then when I lunched the game there was no audio. First I checked if other audio was playing from my computer and it was, so I then checked if other games were playing audio and they were. [b]Trying to fix the problem:[/b] I looked up a guide on the problem and tried a few things on it [b]First[/b] thing I tried was verifying the integrity of game files, this did not work. [b]Next[/b] I tried all the other audio outputs and headphones I have, this did not work. [b]I[/b] tried checking my audio drivers, none of them needed updates but I don't know enough to do too much with these. [b]The[/b] article said "You should try removing the Destiny 2 Config file on your PC to check for the issue and whether it has been fixed or not." but I couldn't find it so this didn't happen, [b]Last[/b] but not least I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the game, now I'm here I dont know what the problem is, please help Thank you - Mildly depressed alligator

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