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3/17/2023 9:39:59 PM

Destiny 2 keeps crashing on PS5 since lightfall, and it has been getting worse

Hello everyone, I know bungie has already aknowledged D2 is having issues on PS5, but the issues have been getting worse. Ever since lightfall came out it has been normal for crashes to occur while using strand (especially on warlock) and while doing terminal overload. However, more recently it seems to always be crashing after around 1 hour of playtime. I have cleared my PS5 cache and reinstalled the game, but the problem remains. Are there any other solutions in the meantime? It is very tiresome to be in something like the legend exotic mission or trials and then have the game crash on me constantly. Thanks in advance for any potential solution :) P.S. I have always submitted the automatic error reports on playstation whenever the crashes have occured.

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