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3/7/2023 3:57:49 PM

old red boarders

I have heard that past seasonal weapons like the ones from seraph are in the world loot pool and can drop with red boarder, is this true? like is it possible to get a hard confirmation on it? also if it is not possible it's a change I would love to see, I wasn't able to complete all the red boarders for each season, so I need some for most guns, and I would love to be able to get them from world drop. I know that ikelosv3 weapons are dropping because I've gotten 2 smgs to drop but I haven't seen any other ones, it would be great to know which season's weapons are in the loot poot, or just a complete loot table for the loot pool in general. if loot table is possible I'd love to have a public loot table for every drop pool, like dares of eternity, world loot, strike loot, crucible, gambit etc. thanks for reading and if any Bungie employees see this thank you so much for the years of fun and unforgetable memories. I'm loving lightfall so keep up the great work <3

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