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Bearbeitet von SonOfSol: 3/7/2023 8:53:07 PM

Starlight Shell (Ascendant Challenge weeklies) never drops, ever

I legitimately refuse to believe it exists. "20% drop chance" my left cheek. I've been doing these stupid challenges on all three classes every week for like 9 months now. Bungie, please. Legitimately. [b]How[/b] do I get it? Just make it farmable. Forget the other rewards from the challenges, just make them challenges farmable for the shell. I would ACTUALLY get on my knees and beg and even record it and put it here if I could just be given the stupid thing. It's the only reason I don't have "Cursebreaker" yet and I'm really frustrated that RNG crap is why I can't get it. And yes, I've been getting the bounties from Petra for it too. Still nada. That's basically 6 chances a week I'm doing it and still never getting it. I'm convinced the loot table was changed and they never told anyone.

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