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3/3/2023 10:21:56 PM

[Account Bug?] Missing and bugged seasonal artifacts in collections

In my collections, the seasonal artifact for s19 (Seraph Cipher) is missing. Additionally, the seasonal artifact for s17 (Nightmare Harvester) is replaced by a duplicate of the s18 one (Skeleton Key) - and not only that, but [i]both[/i] versions of the latter are bugged, such that neither one shows the additional power level I achieved that season (the number shows as "0" in the collection screen, and "-1" when inspecting either copy). The s17 replacement does claim to be from s17, though. I [i]think[/i] the s17 artifact was missing from collections back in s18, and I made [url=]a post about the bugged artifact duplication[/url] (which has images that show the bugged artifacts) about a month ago. I also still have the extra skeleton key that I got by "reacquiring" it from the collections screen (and can't discard myself) in my Titan's inventory. Would be nice to have at least [i]some[/i] form of acknowledgement regarding this issue, whether a "we're looking into it" or a "I have that, too", or even pointers on how to better bring (what appears to be) an isolated account issue to Bungie's attention (without getting on anyone's nerves or otherwise burning bridges in the process).

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