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Bearbeitet von HumungousFungus: 3/2/2023 12:36:50 PM

Unable to launch game PS4 despite following your instructions

Every time I launch the game it takes me back to the PS Store My Downloads page claiming that there is still content I need to download I have uninstalled the game and re-downloaded required content updates 1-6 multiple times. Same issue every time. Straight back to My Downloads After the last set of downloads,I launched the game and it took me straight back to My Downloads yet again. Despite having clearly just downloaded, required content updates 1-3 were still showing as requiring download In addition to this, a much earlier download (Forsaken Avatar) was also showing as requiring download. Attempts to do this met with server errors (presumably because the content doesn’t exist any more) The game is showing as purchased in the PS Store I have sufficient space on my hard drive I have purchased every season of D1 and D2 since D1 Y1 I don’t think that this is a “me” problem. Please advise. Thanks

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