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Bearbeitet von Psychopath_Nextdoor: 2/19/2023 5:44:30 AM

Revision Zero Ammo Bug

Ok so this is pretty simple but fairly annoying. (you may need to click the HD mode on giphycat to see it) I had difficulty replicating this from when I first had it happen. TLDR: Revision Zero gets 5 ammo in the mag, and the gun is bricked until you reload. You can't shoot or anything. In the video, it's hard to see, but here are the steps to reproduce it consistently. 1: Shoot three of your four bullets in your fourth times the charm volley when you have already maxed out your targeting data. 2: quickly switch to the alt mode and quickly land a precision shot. - you will be refunded two bullets, five will now be in the mag, and the gun will be locked out. 3: Reload to fix. Notes: with a gun that allows you to have 4th times, the charm bullet triggers on the alt mode ANYWAY, giving you 6; I don't think 7 is that problematic. but that's out of my realm of control. either way, either this is removed, and you cant trigger 4th from the previous shots at all, or they just allow the bullets in the magazine. this is causing me and my buddies consistent problems because we are often quickly switching to deal with champs or something, and this is annoying. P.S: Not sure where to report bugs other than here, so here you go; let me know where else next time and ill put it there instead, should this be wrong.

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