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Master Spire of the Watcher = Trash Loot for Time & Effort

Okay, so just want to see what the community thinks here because maybe I've just been unlucky, or I am missing something. Total: 10 Master Clears this week. ~15 hours of gameplay. [u]Loot Yeilds:[/u] Nothing. - Trash weapons (Long Arm and Liminal Vigil being the only thing I am interested enough to look at the roll for, but don't really care for anything. I have tarnished mettle and god roll Peacebond) *No Adept versions or crafting. - Seventh Seraph Weapons are Uncraftable (HC sucks, Carbine is okay, but don't really care for them either) - Artifice Armor - which I was interested in - rewarding horrible stat rolls. Average ~61 roll for me. Min 58 (!?) and Max 64 (only 1). I have not got anything higher. [b]Seems like a lot of time and effort for a few thousand glimmer and some legendary shards. I can play casual playlists for that.[/b] So these new playlists and dungeons are increasing in difficulty and complexity following the same similarities: - small rooms - minimal cover - pitfalls (some which don't make any sense other than adding to complexity) - continuous hordes of enemies - instantaneous spawning of enemies - ~90-95% aimbot - wall hacks and no Line of Sight requirements I am not opposed to all of this if it felt rewarding. If artifice armor average was ~64 stat roll, I would farm it. *Only reason to farm it is if you do not have good weapon alternatives, or you do not have previous artifice armor for builds - but this will definitely be more of a grind than before. I've never even seen a stat roll lower than 60 in Master Duality before. [b]So my perception on the scope and scale to all this new content is: increase in difficulty and yield less rewards.[/b] I have 139 Duality master clears for my ideal artifice armor builds for each character, and I could see it taking 5-10 times longer to grind for anything desirable above 65 stat roll for master SotW. Unless I just have crap RNG , it doesn't look like I'll be farming this dungeon this season. Back to the once per week mechanics for only the pinnacles...

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