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Bearbeitet von Munbow: 2/15/2023 12:25:46 AM

Not getting the solo dungeon triumph

Recently, I was doing the Spire of the Watcher solo because i wanted to challenge myself and to get "The Magnificent One" Triumph. Midway trough, I had to eat but the game kicked me out of the game. "no problem i said, I'll just continue my checkpoint". So I'm at the end, kill Persys, get my loot. I get "One Class Town" & "Three Suns At Noon" Triump and i was telling myself where is the solo triumph. idk if its a bug or I'm stupid but i really don't want to do it again. Edit: the triumph doesn't say anything without leaving or back to back. Plus i did made my fireteam go on closed, so no one joined.

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