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Bearbeitet von Ogma: Destroyer of Worlds: 2/13/2023 2:40:48 PM

Daily reminder that dungeons STILL lack an RNG safety net.

It’s that time again. Come Lightfall dungeons will be the only activity that lacks one of the updated loot systems that alleviates the unreasonable side of RNG. They desperately need focusing and/or crafting. Hundreds of dungeon encounters should not produce zero desired weapon rolls. Farming hundreds of encounters in a single week is not a good system. This is a reward mechanic that returns to the time before you realized that layers of RNG are bad. There is not good reason to arbitrarily exclude a single activity from this philosophy. Nobody likes being disappointed hundreds of times. This has players feeling helpless by having zero control to increase their chances. Please add focusing and/or crafting to dungeons.

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