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Destiny 2

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2/5/2023 1:02:02 PM

I would LOVE to see this implmemented on PS4 and PS5 - Gyro Aim + Flick Stick (Motion Controls)

As someone who has used Gyro Aim (and Flick Stick when applicable) on PS5 for over a year now, this would just make my day if Destiny were to have them implemented. After having adapted to this method of aiming, going back to any shooter that uses traditional stick aiming is just so clunky and slow. Its nice to have that "mouse-like" aim in a controller. I will say, the one thing I think this video maybe lacking is a Threshold and Smoothing setting implemented. These help prevent unnecessary shaking and "jitters" thus keeping your aim very steady. I dont use Smoothing but I will have my Threshold set at about 2 degrees per second, meaning: if I move the controller slower than this physically, it wont move my aim. This is a low setting but this is all I need to keep my aim nice a steady when playing and with Gyro Aim, I can react accurately and quickly on to targets (

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