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1/25/2023 6:20:23 PM

Hey kid lemme in I'm a fairy

You believe in fairies don't you? I'm here for your lost teeth. I know, you haven't lost them, yet. You haven't lost much, but we can fix that. We collect more than lost teeth. We collect all lost things. And you seem pretty lost in this world. Why not open this window and leave it all behind? Maybe there's a place for you somewhere, a place where you might find what you lost. Like your parents. Do you know where they are? Did you lose them? Don't worry, I know where they are. I can help you find them. You just have to open the window and let me in. [spoiler]I was scrolling through my old photos and saw this of a [url=]praying mantis[/url] chilling on my window awhile back. I figured I'd post it, cuz I think it neat, but couldn't decide what to put in the topic body. So here's whatever the -blam!- this is.[/spoiler]

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